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Daycare pressure washing

Bluewhale Powerwash provides commercial pressure washing services to daycare facilities in and near Charlotte. We restore the appearance of exterior surfaces using commercial grade equipment and professional cleaning solutions to remove unwanted bacterial and fungal growths and sanitize surfaces. We understand that as a daycare facility, it is your top priority to provide children untrusted to your care a clean and sanitized environment in which they can play and learn. 

To help you clean and maintain your facility,  Bluewhale Powerwash offers recurring cleaning contracts on an annual, semi-annual and quarterly basis. We can work around your operating hours so your facility is washed when children are home. We offer several services including high pressure washing to remove mildew and algae on flat surfaces like sidewalks, driveways, entry ways and patios. Mildew and algae not only cause ugly stains on concrete, they also make walking surfaces slippery when wet which can be a health hazard. 

Bluewhale Powerwash soft washes brick, stucco, vinyl, wood, cement fiber siding and stone, as well as doors, windows, exterior porches, decks, and fences.  Soft washing (low pressure washing) is safe for all surfaces and allow our technicians to apply cleaning solutions to remove organic growths and stains from surfaces. We use soft washing to clean playground equipment and eliminate bacteria and fungal growth that normally accumulate and spreads exterior surfaces. Our technicians also clean roofs and gutters. 

Bluewhale Powerwash is a full solution for all your exterior cleaning needs. Keeping up with the curb appeal of your daycare facility will improve your opportunity to attract new families and help you retain the ones you are already working with. As parents look for daycare facilities they can trust in and near Charlotte, making a good first impression by having clean exterior surface is important for the success of your business. 

If your daycare facility is located in or near Charlotte and you would like to receive a quote from Bluewhale Powerwash, contact us today at (704) 272-4726 or click below to request a quote through our website. Bluewhale Powerwash is licensed and insured.

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Bluewhale Powerwash is proud to offer its professional pressure washing and soft washing services to homeowners and businesses in Charlotte and nearby areas. We also serve smaller towns located close to larger ones. If your town is not listed below, please contact Bluewhale Powerwash to find out if we can service your area.

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