Gutter Maintenance – keeping your gutters free from debris

cleaned and flushed gutters

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Gutter cleaning is a must do maintenance. Gutters are designed to collect rainwater that streams down the roof after rainfalls and redirect the water through the downspouts away from exterior walls and the foundation of a home. The rainwater that accumulates in the gutters is evacuated through the downspouts onto natural areas, concrete surfaces, an underground drainage system or catch basin. To function as intended, gutters and downspouts must be remain unobstructed at all time and free of leaks. 

Cloggs and leaks along the gutter system can cause rainwater to accumulate at the roof, in the gutters, against the fascia boards onto which the gutters are attached, into soffits, as well as pour over at the foundation walls causing erosion and water infiltration into a crawlspace or under a foundation slab. If rainwater is not allowed to be properly redirected away from exterior surfaces, mold and mildew can develop and wood surfaces can decay. Having your gutter system professionally cleaned regularly is a very important of home maintenance. 

What kind of debris do we find during a gutter cleaning service

When our technicians clean gutters in and near Charlotte, they find all kind of debris that prevent gutters from functioning properly. The most common types of debris are dead leaves, branches, dirt, bird nests, as well as left over shingle materials from when the roof covering was originally installed. In some instances, gutters have so much dirt in them that pants and trees start growing out of them! 

Aside from the added weight in the gutters, branches from plants and trees can lift up shingles allowing moisture to infiltrate below the roof covering. Gutters can also become a breeding ground for wood eating insects as organic debris deteriorate in gutters. 

When cleaning gutters in Charlotte, our technicians also find loose shingle granules accumulating in gutters. While granular loss in shingles is normal as the roof covering ages, the granules don’t get easily flushed through the gutter systems and can weigh down gutters overtime as well as clog drains at the downspout connections. 

dirty and full gutters cleaned and flushed gutters
When cleaning gutters in Charlotte, our technicians also find loose shingle granules accumulating in gutters. While granular loss in shingles is normal as the roof covering ages, the granules don’t get easily flushed through the gutter systems and can weigh down gutters overtime as well as clog drains at the downspout connections. Loose granules from shingles are heavy and can only be removed by flushing them using strong water pressure or removing them by hand. Shingle granules deposits in gutters could cause the gutters to sag or the fasteners to become loose because of the added weight and clogged water.

Consequences of having clogged gutters

Having clogged gutters can lead to a host of issues, some quite expensive to repair. When gutters hold water and don’t drain properly, the water will overflow forward towards the foundation and backward on the fascia boards on which the gutters are affixed. Over time, fascia boards can decay from getting wet for long period of times. As the fascia boards decay, it creates a means for water to seep into the soffits and travel to other areas including the walls of a house. 

Water overflowing from clogged gutters and pouring down at the foundation is also problematic. As rainwater erodes the soil at the foundation from gutters overflowing, it can seep deep into the ground and has the potential to cause structural damages. Rotten door thresholds, wood decking, window seals are all symptoms of poor water management and gutters that are clogged and leaking.  

Hiring a gutter cleaning company like Bluewhale Powerwash to clean your gutters at least once a year (depending on how much vegetation you have around your house) is highly recommended to ensure that your gutters are functioning as intended. Our gutter cleaning service includes flushing the gutter system with water to check that water flows towards the downspouts. Faulty gutter installation with improper slope will cause water to stagnate and not flow to the downspouts. Our technicians relate issues they find (if any) with gutter systems while performing the gutter cleaning service.  

Having your gutters professionally cleaned ever year costs a fraction of what repairs from neglect would cost. While some of your gutters might be easily accessible, those located on the second floor are more difficult to reach. To avoid hurting yourself and to ensure that your gutter system is functioning like it should, hiring a professional gutter cleaning company to do the work only makes sense. If you live in the Charlotte area and wanting to get your gutters cleaned, contact Bluewhale Powerwash at (704) 272-4726 to request a quote. View some of our recent work.

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