What’s included in a professional house washing service?

Charlotte professional house washing service

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Washing the exterior of your home is something you could do yourself with the proper equipment and techniques. However, depending on the size of your home, it’s elevation (1-story, 2-story, 3-story etc…), difficulty of access and your confidence level handling a pressure washer, it might make more sense to hire a company like Bluewhale Powerwash for a professional house washing service. If you’ve never hired a professional pressure washing company, you might not be familiar with the process and what’s included with a house wash. Different providers offer different levels of service and can charge you extra to wash specific exterior surfaces. We explain below what you can expect when you hire Bluewhale Powerwash to wash your home in Charlotte. 

House wash setup

At Bluewhale Powerwash, we follow a specific process when washing homes that is designed to wash safely and effectively so our technicians can achieve the best cleaning results possible without issues.

We start by connecting to the customer water supply to fill up our water tank. The cost of water is low if you live in the Charlotte area, about $.015 per gallon and we use on average about 300 gallons to wash a home depending on its size. This amount to about $4.50 of water cost for the wash. 

Before we start washing, we conduct a thorough walkthrough of the property to identify any pre-existing issues with exterior surfaces and determine what we need protect. We make sure that all personal property has been moved at least 20 feet away from the work so they don’t get sprayed with our cleaning solution. Power outlets are covered, as well as keyholes. All surfaces are pre-wetted prior to applying our cleaning solutions. Flower and plant beds are also thoroughly soaked with water (our vegetation protocol).

Charlotte professional pressure washing company Bluewhale Powerwash

Equipment and cleaning solutions

Bluewhale Powerwash uses commercial grade soft washing and pressure washing equipment when washing homes in Charlotte. Our soft washing equipment allows our technicians to apply cleaning solutions at 100psi of pressure which is completely safe for all surfaces. We use 8gpm pressure washers with reduced psi to rinse the cleaning application and remove cobwebs and other surface residue. Our proven and tested house washing process yields excellent cleaning results with no damage to exterior surfaces. 

We use professional-grade cleaning solutions which we mix with water using specific ratios to remove all organic stains, as well as loosen other surface contaminants. We also remove rust and red clay stains, and efflorescence as a restoration service for an additional fee.

Charlotte house washing company Bluewhale Powerwash

What’s included in our professional house washing service?

Our house wash service includes washing all vertical surfaces of a house including the siding, fascia boards, gutters and downspouts exterior surfaces, doors, windows and shutters. Also included is washing the eaves, soffits, porch ceilings, railing and columns. We soft wash basement walls as part of our house wash service with some limitation. Foundation walls that have excessive organic growths (mildew, moss, lichens) and red clay can be washed for an additional fee. Rust stains on exterior surfaces can also be removed for an additional fee as a restorative service.  

Other surfaces can be washed for an additional fee such as your driveway, sidewalks, patiodecksolar panelsroof and fencing. Gutter cleaning (removing debris from inside the gutters) is also an additional service which we offer.  See some of our most recent work.

professional house washing in Charlotte Bluewhale Powerwash

Our professional house washing service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee whereas if you are not happy with the quality of our work, we’ll rewash your home or sections of your home at no cost. If you live in Charlotte or nearby and would like to get a quote to wash your home, contact us today at (704) 272-4726 or request a quote online through our website.

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